Tuesday, November 14, 2006

About Poms

I heard once that most breeds of toy dogs were supposedly bred to resemble human infants. My source (whose name I honestly can't remember) cited the qualities of pomeranians (small cradle-able body-type, apparently over-sized head, large eyes in relation to its head, soft fur you can't help petting) as an example of the baby-like qualities that might very well appeal to young children and older women. Or people who want something cute, but won't grow up and learn to talk back.

Said my source, "I don't care if you like children or not. Just look at a Pom's cute little face and tell me you don't want to pet it. You can't, can you?"

I will admit that you couldn't get me to touch a baby with a ten-foot pole. I am not a baby-fan in the slightest. But I'm more than willing to cuddle a pomeranian in broad daylight and not feel ashamed of myself. Provided, of course, it wouldn't bark at me and try to nip me with its tiny mouth full of teeth.

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