Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No Business For You!

This is a blacklist for all of the people who donated to the amendment to prevent same-sex couples from entering into legally-recognized, monogamous, soul-crushing acquisitions and mergers--I'm sorry, "marriage."

At best, the people on this list were confused about what the amendment was actually going to do--revoke a constitutionally-protected human right. At worst, they were, and probably still are, paranoid homophobes who think letting gays and lesbians marry will somehow cheapen heterosexual acquisitions and mergers--as if they weren't already, what with the rising divorce rates.

In either case, I'm definitely making it a point to stick it to them as much as I legally can.

Especially the ones who're NOT EVEN BASED IN CALIFORNIA! I'm looking at you, Utah! Back the hell off!