Friday, September 12, 2008

Same and Old

Forgive me for not posting anything yesterday--or don't, whatever--I was too busy living my life. I was too busy working for my money; too busy amusing myself with my friends and co-workers; too busy spending time with the people who matter to me.

One of my closest friends had a birthday yesterday.

But somehow, without my knowing it, somebody somewhere gave yesterday an unofficial, non-governmental holiday--"Patriot Day."


Do not misunderstand--I am American, and I wouldn't trade my country for anywhere else (unless, of course, they could meet my excessively high standard of living, which they can't because I'm the first to admit that I am an annoyingly whiny perfectionist).

But I see no reason to label yesterday a "holiday." I see no reason to celebrate a day that our citizens were attacked and killed, any more than we celebrate the Kuwaiti babies killed to get us involved in the First Gulf War; or the military vessel that the Vietnamese attacked to get us involved in the Vietnam War; or whatever crap got us into the Korean War, also called "the Forgotten War" and for damn good reason; or the military base in Hawaii that that Japanese attacked to get us involved in WWII.

I also see no reason to name the alleged "holiday" something as vague as "Patriot Day"--unless of course it's a reference to the USA PATRIOT Act, which allows the government to spy on citizens without warrants.

The following speech comprises the best reason I will not vote for John McCain:

And neither should any of you.

Be sure, there will be more on the subject of politics to come. Especially if somebody lights my fuse...

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